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Finally a vodka that suits me!
From Belarus

One of a kind, DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA is for people who seek authenticity and embrace their preferences.

Since 2016, in order to share this nugget with you, the company Gali import SA imports, distributes, and represents the DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA brand everywhere in Switzerland.

I prefer the distribution of DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA in short circuit, without an intermediary and in limited quantity.

Distilled since 1893 according to an original recipe, DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA is produced by Minsk Kristall Distillery – the national flagship of Belarus, combining skills, passion, tradition, and know-how.

From its first appearance on the market, dressed in black, the velvety and generous, DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA is recognizable among all and appreciated for its subtle, unique, and authentic taste.

The combination of the 100% natural ingredients selected, the seven successive distillations, and a filtration process unique in the world, make it a new taste benchmark. Produced to this day in ultra modern and strictly controlled facilities for PREMIUM quality.

Legend has it that the TSAR in person particularly appreciated this exceptional vodka. And you?

Importer Swiss
Ghislain Wydler

Founder of Gali Import SA : Ghislain Wydler