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Deluxe Vodka Iced Vanilla Latte

There’s nothing better than a good Iced Latte with a little extra in order to have a little fun on weekends or afternoons. Prepare with a quality coffee to further appreciate the pleasant and surprising blend of vodka and coffee.

Enjoy your Deluxe Vodka Iced Vanilla Latte in a long drinking glass or a Macchiato latte glass with ice cubes and a shaker.


40 ml of Deluxe Vodka
20 ml of cream
40 ml of whole milk
1 cooled espresso (approx. 25 ml)
15 ml of vanilla syrup
8 ice cubes


Attention, this goes extra quick: 

  1. Put all the ingredients in the shaker and shake well.
  2. Pour everything into the glass and serve immediately.
  3. Savor

For those who are up to not thinking about caloric count, two large spoons of vanilla ice cream are a good substitute for the syrup, but in this case you will have to mix the milk with the ice before adding it to the shaker. Anyway, the good thing about Deluxe Vodka Iced Latte is that you hardly can go wrong, apart from feeling a few palpitations in your heart after overdosing on coffee.

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