Subtile in taste, unique in its character. Rediscover Premium Vodka, a class of its own.

From nature into your glass

The basis of any good liquor are the ingredients. That is why for DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA only the best grains, as well as spring water of exceptional purity are used. A know-how transmitted over centuries from generation to generation and a modern infrastructure make this Vodka a high-end product that will appeal to the most demanding palates.

bouteille de vodka noir




The secret to your most tasteful recipes !

DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA is a superb base for your cocktails.
A touch of subtlety to your favorite dishes. Also enjoyed cold and on its own

Bloody Mary

Even if the origin of this great classic from the bars around the globe remains disputed, it was very probably created around 1920-1930 in the...

Deluxe Vodka Iced Vanilla Latte

There's nothing better than a good Iced Latte with a little extra in order to have a little fun on weekends or afternoons. Prepare with a quality...

Deluxe Original Vodka Martini

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