Created by nature, made with passion

DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA, natural ingredients, ancestral know-how and a unique process in the world.
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Whether you are a connoisseur or a lover of Vodka, you will taste the difference!

DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA: halfway between sweetness and character, a supple texture and a pleasant toasty scent, to share with friends.

The grains

Wheat and Rye

Wheat and rye are grown without pesticides throughout vast plains in a continental climate. The grain is carefully selected to guarantee a unique taste for a 100% natural and quality vodka.

The water

Crystal Clear Water

DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA contains crystal clear water removed from a depth of nearly 300m ensuring a long mineralization, natural filtration, and the highest quality.

The Know-how

The distillation

DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA is distilled 7 times. Why? In order to control bitterness and eliminate as much deposits and waste as possible even before the filtration process. A 100% natural process and an essential step in creating a Premium Vodka.

DELUXE ORIGINAL VODKA: enjoy your Vodka.

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