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Just a new meaning

in vodka

Pleasure comes first

Pleasure to receive, pleasure to share, pleasure to discover, pleasure to invite, pleasure to surprise … futile pleasures, but … pleasures all the same.

The recipe for success

Wheat and the rye are rigorously selected to be used in the composition of Deluxe Original vodka.

Crystal clear water

Slowly and naturally, the water in Deluxe Original vodka is filtered over time from the bowels of the earth.

7time distilled… Why ?

In order to control bitterness well before filtration.
From the first sip, the balanced and subtle character of Deluxe Original vodka is instantly revealed …

3 times filtered

A process unique in the world, in 3 steps, allows to retain specific components, until a perfect result is obtained, called Deluxe Original vodka.

Did you know?

Wheat has a genome made up of 17 billion base pairs ! In comparison, the already complex human genome has only about 3 billion.